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Delivering Efficiency with Managed IT, Part V

Delivering Efficiency with Managed IT, Part V

Information technology has a critical role in any business. The key part of an outstanding IT system, is the technology itself. Businesses greatly benefit from IT support that procures the latest and greatest technological developments. So, is your IT provider delivering the best value possible?

There are many different pieces of technology that go into a business. Today, we will look at three important pieces of technology, and how two different businesses might approach them.

Networking and Servers

Fred’s business has been expanding, but his infrastructure has not. His capabilities need to increase to accommodate the increased staff. He realizes this, and begins to research the way a total novice would -- by going through online forums and tutorials. Most of what Fred is reading does not register, as the terminology is a foreign language to him. Fred’s IT awareness resembles those of the stone-age. However, with the help of some DIY networking videos, Fred manages to put together what he believes is a sufficient business network. 

Unfortunately, he misconfigured a few components. He finds his network does not work the way he intended, and he still cannot accommodate the increased staff. The entire process has been a waste of resources.

On the other side of the block, Barney’s business is also expanding. Barney has come to the same conclusion as Fred: the business infrastructure must expand. Barney skips all the DIY videos and contacts his managed service provider.

The managed service provider assists Barney with all of his networking needs. They redesign his network to support both his current operations, while also allowing for future expansions. 


Fred, frustrated by his networking disaster, decides he will go and prepare for his increasing staff. He goes to his local big box technology store and talks to an employee about his computing needs. Fred leaves with five brand new computers. He sets them up at his business only to find out that, despite their custom RGB lighting, they do not contain the computing power needed for his business. It turns out that the employee at Best Byte, had only been working at the box store for one day. The no-return policy means Fred either has to upgrade his brand new computers, or buy new -- again. 

Barney decides to ask his managed service provider what they feel would be the best route to go as far as computing power. He wants to make sure that his workstations will handle all of his business needs, and his managed service provider has the expertise needed to not only point him in the correct direction, but to assist in procuring the new devices. Barney doesn’t have to plug in a single cord himself. His managed service provider is able to deliver 5 working computers. 

Software as a Service

Once Fred has decided to upgrade his new computers, spending even more money, he realizes that the software he utilizes will need to be licensed again. He finds a way to download the programs without the need for a product key, despite knowing it could leave him susceptible to a cyberattack. Unfortunately, it happens sooner rather than later and Fred is locked down by ransomware. 

Comparatively, Barney once again leans on his managed service provider. Since his business relies on many software programs, he leverages software-as-a-service. Rather than purchasing it outright, Barney is able to use a solution that is maintained by the developer for a monthly fee. There is no maintenance needed, as the developer is responsible. It is a hassle-free way to have all the programs needed, without the expensive buy-in price. 

Interested in Managed Services?

HUB Technology Solutions can be your trusted provider, delivering results like they did for Barney. While it might seem exaggerated, trying to tackle IT yourself is not an easy task. It is easy to forget or overlook important details. Our experts can help deliver the solutions you need. Call us today 204-772-8822 or 1-833-874-0725

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