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How to Optimize Your Technology Budget in 2021

How to Optimize Your Technology Budget in 2021

After 2020, it is understandable that many businesses would be seeking out a way to recoup a lot of the expenses and losses that the year’s events likely incurred upon them. This has led many to turn to their IT investments as the sacrificial lamb. While we are undeniably biased, we would argue that there are better ways to streamline your business expenses in terms of its IT than to simply cut them outright.


Adapt to the Changing Times

It should come as no surprise that the past year encouraged a lot of businesses to put new technologies and utilities in place to help support their workflows. These technologies were largely the kind that could encourage a workforce’s mobility away from the traditional workplace by enabling remote operations and work-from-home strategies to be adopted.

What happens when “business as usual” once again becomes the norm?

Frankly, it isn’t likely that it ever will.

The statistics make it clear that technologies like Software-as-a-Service and public cloud are the direction that businesses are now moving, accelerated in their trajectory by recent events. 

Options like SaaS and public cloud promote a few choice benefits for businesses, as they enable some significant mobility amongst a workforce—allowing these businesses to accomplish productive operations with their team members working remotely, as necessary—as well as some serious customizability in terms of scale. Both can significantly benefit the business looking to make the most of its costs.

Reconsider How You Host Your IT

At the end of the day, it really boils down to the value that you’re getting from your technology. When all your expenses are accounted for and examined critically as you consider the value and utility that expense has resulted in, you may find that your entire strategy is holding your business back.

IT investments are shifting, the preeminent strategy no longer being to host critical infrastructures on-site. There’s a good reason for this: cloud-hosted technology simply delivers more value to a greater number of businesses.

In many ways, onsite IT just can’t compete with decentralized IT in terms of value… particularly when viewed through the lens we’ve all shared over the last year. Of course, this is assuming that enough attention is paid to your cloud investments as time passes. Balancing these costs will likely—almost certainly—result in positive outcomes for your business’ finances moving forward.

HUB Technology Solutions can help you get there. Trust our team to deliver the value you expect from your IT spend (and beyond), enabling your organization to focus on its real purpose and serve its clientele. To find out about the benefits of our managed IT services, give us a call at 1-833-847-0725 or 204-772-8822 today.

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Friday, April 16, 2021

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