Let's Take a Look Behind the Curtain of a Remote Business

March 1, 2022

With today's ever-expanding remote workforce, there is all the more reason to implement technology solutions that empower your organization to increase its range of options for working outside of the office. We've put together three of the key technology solutions we think your organization could benefit from to improve its remote capabilities and take the business on the road.

Implement Cloud Solutions

One of the biggest challenges facing anyone working out of the office is access to important data. It might be readily accessible to those on the in-house network, but what about those on the move? The cloud gives your team access to solutions and data storage that can help them stay connected and productive while out of the office. Instead of relying on being in-house to get work done, cloud solutions that utilize your Internet connection can make it easier and more effective to access solutions and data storage. If you can think of it, chances are the cloud can be used for just about any solution you might need.

Consider VoIP and Other Communication Tools

It's hard to stay in touch with your teammates and customers when you are away from your internal communications infrastructure, but with certain technologies, it can be made much easier. VoIP, for example, uses a smartphone or desktop application to give workers the ability to take their work extensions on the road with them. Furthermore, other communication tools like voice and video chat, instant messaging, and unified communications platforms can all be beneficial for the remote worker who needs to go mobile.

Establish Proper Security Measures

While out of the office, it's incredibly important that you take measures to protect your devices and the data held on them. Be sure to implement enterprise-level security solutions, multi-factor authentication for account access, and a virtual private network, or VPN, to make sure connections to sensitive data are kept private. All of these measures will aid you in protecting your resources while out of the office, but it is also paramount to train your employees on proper security best practices; remember that the measures you implement are only effective if your team isn't putting your organization at risk.

Of course, all of this will depend on your team's current tech setup, as well. If they don't have the hardware to support working while on the move, then consider equipping them with company-issued smartphones and laptops beefed up with all of your business' preferred applications and features.

For all of your business' technology needs, know that HUB Technology Solutions is here to help. To learn more and get started with any of the above solutions today, reach out to us at 204-772-8822 or 1-833-847-0725.


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