The Demand for Hybrid Work [INFOGRAPHIC]

September 20, 2023

While industry giants like Meta, Google, and Amazon advocate for a return to the traditional office, the workforce's desire for flexible and practical hybrid working arrangements remains strong.

In the following infographic, we present the key results of Deloitte's 2023 Connected Consumer Survey, which provides insights into the current state of demand for hybrid work.














































Key Findings:

  • Deloitte's 2023 Connected Consumer Survey reveals that an increasing number of workers (56%) are seeking virtual work options for the future, up from 50% in the previous year.
  • The survey reflects a decline in the preference for entirely or mostly in-person work environments (37%, down from 44% in 2022), with a corresponding rise in the preference for a combination of remote and in-person work (28%, up from 21% in 2022).
  • Despite CEOs emphasizing the productivity benefits of in-person work, Deloitte's data highlights the personal advantages of remote work. A significant 45% of respondents reported improved family relationships, while 40% experienced enhanced emotional well-being. In total, four out of five respondents noticed improvements in family relationships, workplace relationships, emotional well-being, or resilience.
  • Burnout and stress levels among remote workers decreased by four percentage points compared to the previous year.
  • Unfortunately, many companies fail to provide their employees with the necessary tools and resources for remote work. A notable 23% of respondents indicated that their work systems do not function optimally, a significant increase from the 16% reported in 2022.

Many companies struggle to realize the value and advantages of hybrid work for their businesses despite its significant employee benefits. One crucial factor to consider is whether they are using the necessary tools to harness the strengths of remote work fully. These tools can enhance communication and productivity among their employees.

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