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The Different Types of Cloud Collaboration Tools

The Different Types of Cloud Collaboration Tools

Collaboration has always played a critical role in a business’ success, which is one of the biggest benefits that the cloud offers. Since cloud technology has suddenly become even more important for business--especially in terms of business connectivity as more people are displaced from the office by the COVID-19 pandemic--we felt that it was an appropriate time to address just how many different kinds of communication tools are available through the cloud.

Technically, cloud collaboration solutions come in a few types:


Naturally, we can’t talk about collaboration without addressing communication. There are so many different solutions for this purpose out there nowadays, and a vast number of them are delivered via the cloud. This only makes sense, as it means you can effectively keep in touch with the rest of your team from anywhere an Internet connection can be established. Make sure you impress upon your team how important it is that they use these resources to the fullest extent.


If your team is going to work, well, like a team, they are going to need to have the tools to do it. By supplying them with software that is actually hosted in the cloud, they have access to these necessary tools whenever they have access to the Internet. These solutions mean that collaboration isn’t reliant on them all being in the same place to work, or even working on it at the same time. Plus, it is very easy to guarantee that your entire staff will be working with the same toolkit, as you can push out updates through the cloud as well.

Documentation, Note-Taking, and File Sharing

Notes are a very important thing in the workplace, as they enable important insights, facts, and thoughts to be preserved for future reference. Considering this future-focus, it makes sense to make sure that these notes are saved in a place that can be accessed by everyone who may (at some point) need to do so. Using one of the many cloud-based apps out there can simplify the collaboration process. As a result, your team can quickly create a shared pool of knowledge to draw from as needed.

Project Management and Customer Relationship Management

The use of a cloud-based CRM or project management tool is motivated in a very similar way as a cloud-based note-taking app is: they allow your team to all access the same data regarding your clients, customers, and internal processes, encouraging and simplifying your collaboration. That way, different members of your team can, again, reference the same data as they interact with your customers and clients, improving the relationship overall. The same goes for project management solutions. Using one of these tools, you can ensure that your internal processes are well-established, consistent, and efficient. 

Data Visualization

Part of running an effective business is the capability to take the information you collect during your operations and use it to improve these operations in the future. A helpful means of doing so is by using a cloud platform to collect the data that all of your users generate, aggregating it and identifying patterns and trends that appear. Since the amount of data involved is staggeringly massive, a cloud solution is a preferable option for most businesses to do so. In this way, a business can pool the collaborative efforts of its staff into a single endeavour.

Collaboration is only becoming more essential in the modern workplace, so the simpler it is to facilitate, the better. The cloud can help provide that simplicity.

To learn more about how you could use the cloud to boost your business’ collaborative processes, reach out to HUB Technology Solutions at 204-772-8822 or 1-833-847-0725.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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