Why Every Business Needs Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 [INFOGRAPHIC]

June 7, 2023

In the ever-evolving realm of business productivity, Microsoft 365 has emerged as a transformative force, fueling the success of countless enterprises worldwide. However, it's essential to remember that Microsoft doesn't provide data backups by default, which can be critical if you experience data loss or data breaches.
Check out our informative infographic to learn more about the importance of cloud backup for Microsoft 365. It highlights the risks of not having a backup and the benefits of implementing a secure cloud backup solution.

Data loss incidents are distressingly common, posing significant financial, productivity, and reputation risks.















































Hereunder, for your convenience, are the major takeaways:

Microsoft 365 increasingly powers business productivity

  • 70% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft 365
  • SharePoint controls 60% of the document collaboration market

However, Microsoft does not back up data by default.

  • 43% of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses.
  • 50% of all sensitive data losses involve human error.
  • 94% of organizations have experienced an insider data breach in the last 12 months.

Alarming Statistics:

  • On average, one hour of downtime costs a business with fewer than 500 employees $8,600 per hour.
  • 60% of small businesses that have lost data have shut down within six months.

Cloud Backup is the fast, simple way to restore lost, stolen, corrupt, and deleted data across Microsoft 365.

If you have any questions or concerns about your business data security, contact us at solutions@hub.ca or 1-833-847-0725

Remember, data protection is not an option-it's an absolute necessity.




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