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When does an IT company become more than just an IT company?

Is it when they surpass 25 years of honesty and integrity, helping other businesses improve, grow and prosper to their full potential?

Is it when they embrace the power of giving back, by engaging in community outreach, charitable donations, volunteer programs, and non-profit support?

Or is it when they become so entwined in the fabric of the community, through ALL of these efforts, that you can’t imagine your city without them?

We’re HUB Computer Solutions , and we have been a passionate supporter of local business and community for over a quarter century.

Working @ HUB

We have a big, bright space that is open and collaborative, with lots of dedicated meeting space, and a relaxed kitchen and relaxation area. We have a fun, team environment that promotes an encourages collaboration and cross-learning opportunities in the many technologies we support.

We offer highly competitive salaries. In addition, we also offer a company RSP plan, benefits including health/dental/life/disability insurance, as well as personal days and flex time. 

We value diversity and inclusion and encourage all qualified people to apply. We will review applications as they are received and look forward to hearing from you. 

Junior Accountant

Are you interested in going beyond a mundane accounting position and forging a new path with a company that gives you the freedom? 

Do you have a solid accounting background with a nerdy IT side? Do you love making Excel jump thru hops, turning a pile of exported data in powerful reports and budgets? 

Are you meticulous and super accurate with your information? Does disorganization give you anxiety, and you relish the opportunity to turn chaos into calm? Can you juggle multiple balls at the same time and not drop any? 

Do you enjoy a collaborative, supportive team environment? Can you help team members and customers solve problems, and you aren’t an allergic to hard work? Can you write and speak to people in a language they can easily understand?

 I know that is a lot of question but is your answer YES to all of them? Then we have the job for you if you have these must-haves: 
• Post-Secondary diploma or certification in Applied Accounting, Business Administration. 
• Minimum 1 – 2 years’ experience working in a related field. 
• Legally entitled to work in Canada. 
• Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, QuickBooks and SharePoint. 

If everything is good, then apply. If you want to go “over the top,” then include a link to a quick, less than 3-minute, personal introduction video.

Happy Clients

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