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How well has your IT support company been looking after you during the COVID19 lockdown?

Over the last few weeks, we've been talking to loads of business owners and managers around here. And we've heard some real horror stories about lazy IT support companies.

Of course, the lockdown was so sudden that everyone was caught out. Just like all IT support companies, we had the busiest two weeks in our history. But number one rule, we put our clients first. And made sure that all our clients and their teams were set up correctly for safe, secure at home working. Then we phoned them regularly to see what frustrations they had working from home. And of course, we did whatever we could to help fix all problems.

We've been so humbled to receive great praise from our clients. Like this:

"We transitioned our IT services over to HUB Technology Solutions earlier this year and are very happy with the result. The team at HUB was very professional and always promptly responded to any inquiries we had. They were also instrumental in helping our staff set up work from home arrangements due to the COVID-19 Pandemic." Tyler McKay, Louis Riel Capital Corp.

 "When we had a second staff member get infected with COVID-19 who needed to isolate immediately, after one phone call to HUB, they had her desktop and laptop set up for VPN and remote connection in less than an hour. Then, when she started working remotely, HUB helped her to troubleshoot her home internet connection. At various points during the pandemic, we have had approximately 50% of our staff working remotely for extended periods of time with no drop-off in productivity, all because of HUB setting up their remote connections and because of their guidance in how our servers were set up." Mike Williams, Ade and Company Inc.

If you're even a little annoyed with your current IT support company, we really should talk


Because you don't owe them anything. And they're not going to get any better in the months ahead.

Sorry to be brutal, but it's true. Many IT support companies rose to the challenge and really looked after their clients.

But a few others just got lazy. This lockdown has shown business owners and managers just how essential IT support is.

Now let us show you just how important great IT support is.


I've made it easy for us to have a short discussion. You can see my live calendar below and book a 15-minute video call at a time that suits us both.

It's really important you know:

  1. It's just an exploratory call at this stage.
  2. There's no commitment to buy anything, ever.
  3. I'm not going to trash talk your existing IT support company. I'd rather focus on making your life easier by reducing your IT stress.
  4. No matter how long you have left on your existing contract, we should still talk.
  5. I'll freely give you as much strategic advice as you like. Helping businesses be more productive and profitable through the correct use of technology is fun, for me.

Book your 15-minute video call now:



Questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Happy Clients

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