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Backup and Disaster Recovery Gives Businesses Another Chance

Backup and Disaster Recovery Gives Businesses Another Chance

Data backup is a hot topic for businesses, particularly because the stakes are never higher for small businesses and enterprises. You either protect your future by implementing a data backup system, or you don’t and put it in jeopardy. What some businesses might not know is that even certain backup strategies are outdated in a modern workplace.

Some types of data backup might seem like cheap and ideal alternatives to a legitimate cloud-based backup system, but they are far from the greatest or most efficient solution out there. Unfortunately, the price point might seem just right for organizations that have limited budgets, making them attractive alternatives to investing in an enterprise-level solution. Regardless, the current options for data backup and disaster recovery that don’t involve cloud-based BDR are subpar at best compared to the real deal. We’ll go over some of the current options and why cloud-based BDR is a better alternative.

Common Data Backup Technology
Some of the most common methods for data backup and disaster recovery have nothing to do with the cloud. For example, some businesses still use tape backup that stores data on magnetic tape reels. The issue with this type of backup solution is that it relies on a user actually setting and initiating the backup, meaning that there is some room for error--something that you don’t want to deal with ever, especially if your organization’s future is on the line. Tapes can also be destroyed if they are on-site, so a big threat like an office fire or flood could end any chances at coming back from a disaster.

Another way that businesses might back up their data is with an external hard drive or flash drive, both of which present many issues that come with tape backups and other types of physical storage, including the risk of physical harm to them. One point stands out though, and it’s that thieves could potentially steal these devices if they are taken from the office. You can’t risk your data being stolen just for the sake of convenience and price. At that point, it’s not even saving you money (and could potentially be costing you much more than you actually save).

The Ideal Solution
Cloud-based data backup and disaster recovery can be a critical component in business continuity for both small and large businesses. In fact, it’s largely considered the best product out there for this purpose, as you basically eliminate many of the issues present if you were to use tape-based or hardware-based backup solutions. For one, you eliminate the hassle of relying on users to initiate the process, making sure that user error can’t be the reason why your business is doomed in the event of a data loss incident.

The other reason to leverage cloud-based backup is that it essentially cuts out all potential downtime that results from a disaster. Since you’re downloading the data from the cloud, you’ll have instantaneous access to the data, as long as you have hardware that can act as a server. Even if you don’t, BDR devices are capable of functioning as a temporary server so you have time to find an adequate replacement. It’s just one way that cloud-based data backup saves your business money.

Does your organization need cloud-based data backup? We know that it’s certainly a viable option, and one which we hope you will take advantage of. To get started, just give us a call at PHONENUMBER.

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