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Ensure the Recoverability of your Data and Stay Always On


 Not many IT nightmare scenarios are more horrifying than needing to recover critical business data from your backup system only to discover that the data is unrecoverable or simply not there. As a best practice, business leaders and IT decision-makers should have their data backup and recovery system tested and evaluated on a regular basis to verify that their business is truly protected from data loss, extended business interruption - or worse.

Key Questions for evaluating how well your business is protected:

  • Is my current data protection system protecting all my important data, including the data that lives outside of traditional servers, i.e, data stored on individual devices, remote offices, or in the cloud?
  • What kinds of recoverability does my data protection system currently provide?
  • Can data be recovered selectively (individual files or emails) or en mass according to a range of previous time frames?
  • From how far back in time can data be recovered? Can data be recovered from near-current points in time?
  • How long can my business afford to be down? How much data can we afford to lose? How long do I need to keep my data?
  • Is my current backup method or approach best for my organization?
  • How can it reduce my costs?

Get the answers you need the easy way, with HUB's BeSure Data Backup & Recovery Assessment service.

HUB has been helping businesses like yours ensure the recoverability of their data for over 25 years. Stress-free and cost-effective, our service will thoroughly test and evaluate your business's data backup and recovery system. You'll get an easy to understand report with the answers and solutions you need to keep your critical data recoverable and your business always on.

Contact us today at 1-833-847-0725 or 204-772-8822 for service details and prices.

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Friday, March 05, 2021

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