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What Do You Need In a Workstation?

What Do You Need In a Workstation?

With the technology you use being increasingly important to the success of your business, it becomes crucial that your employees have access to workstations that effectively run the software your business depends on. This month, we thought we’d take a look at the myriad of computing options that the modern business has when it’s looking to buy computers for its staff.

For an individual, the day you get a new computer is exciting. For a business, however, many times it is looked upon as a negative experience. Nowadays, having working technology is a must, so recycling your company’s old hardware and upgrading to something new has become tied to the output your employees are capable of. There are many different ways that a business can choose to go about spending their hardware budget; and many different types of computers that have different value to different workers. 

What Should You Consider?

It may not seem like it’s all that important what type of computer you are buying, as there are dozens of different manufacturers out there, but since they ultimately use the same type of hardware, you will be getting basically the same thing. You’ll have to confront the following questions:

  1. What is the cost?
  2. What are the workstations going to be used for?
  3. Will I need any special components?
  4. What specifications are needed to effectively run the software?

Obviously, you will have to purchase your new machines with your budget in mind, and cheaper is not always better. Like most other things, you get what you pay for and buying bargain basement options may not give you the reliability you will demand from the machine. 

Each workstation has to fit the position it is being used for. For example, you will want to purchase a laptop for the employee that is going to be in meetings outside the office, or will be traveling quite a bit. 

Other Workstation Tips

If you are in the market to purchase computers for your company, you will also want to take these variables into consideration:  

  • Get the same OS - To make your computers easier to maintain you will want all your workstations to run the same operating system. There actually aren’t a lot of business-grade OSs available. There are Windows, macOS, and Chrome that come equipped on most machines. All three have their benefits and detriments, of which you should research before you buy.
  • Get the most powerful processor you can afford - This consideration is actually tougher than you may think, considering that there are so many processor types to choose from. The faster the processor, the faster the computer.
  • Get enough RAM - You will want to ensure that your workstation investments have enough memory. Typical office users might be fine with eight gigabytes of RAM, but a user working in image editing or video editing will need a lot more.

If you would like to talk to one of our computer experts about getting the hardware you need at a good price, contact HUB Technology Solutions today at (204) 772-8822.

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