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You’ll Need to Do Better Than Just a Firewall

You’ll Need to Do Better Than Just a Firewall

When dealing with IT, there are often misconceptions as to what some parts of an IT infrastructure does. Firewalls are a prime example, as many believe that a firewall is the catch-all for all bad things coming in from outside the network. This month we will discuss why this isn’t the case, and tell you what you really need to secure your business.

Why a Firewall Alone Isn’t Enough to Secure Your Business

A firewall is a solution that filters certain data from access to your network and infrastructure. It was given that name because it is just like a firewall built into a building. The problem is that even a real firewall doesn’t keep all the fire out, just as a software-based firewall can’t expect to protect your business against the rest of the threats out there that pose a risk to your business.

Make no mistake, you need your firewalls, but they are only a fraction of the tools you are going to need to keep your data, network, and infrastructure safe. Here are a few other tools that you will need to consider to build a comprehensive and functional cybersecurity strategy:

Spam Protection

While spam messages rarely pose much of an actual threat to your business’ security, they do present a legitimate waste of time and distract from the messages you actually need. To respond to this issue, it is best to implement powerful spam filters, as well as to remind your users to remain vigilant.

Centralized Antivirus

Would you rather take the time to update the security on each of your business’ workstations, or update it once and have the effects pushed to all of them? This is precisely what a centralized antivirus does. Anytime you update the solution’s definitions, your entire infrastructure and network is better protected.

Data Backup

If you ever find your business in a tough spot where its data is concerned, you’ll want to have a data backup in place as your ace in the hole. Sometimes, the best solution is to start fresh, and a well-maintained and organized backup that has been kept up-to-date will make the process much less painful.

Phishing Awareness Training

Phishing is the most significant threat today as many systems’ encryption is far too good for hackers to break. To get around that, scammers target people via email and text messages, posing as someone in a trustworthy or authoritative position in order to manipulate them into handing over key credentials to accounts and other valuable data. While some attempts are stopped by spam filters that email solutions have built into them, most will need to be spotted by your users if your business isn’t going to fall victim.

Of course, we aren’t trying to minimize the importance of your firewall solution, but we want you to understand that if you are just using a firewall for security, you are wide open to many different disappointing situations. If you need help designing and implementing a security strategy that works to secure your business, reach out to HUB Technology Solutions today at 204-772-8822 or 1-833-847-0725.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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