Commitment to our clients

Solving Challenges with SimplicITy!

HUB began in 1991 because our CEO, Troy McLennan, realized how much business owners struggled to understand and use IT to their advantage. Instead, it was stressful and complicated.

As a business owner himself, Troy experienced sleepless nights, worrying about technology, frustrated about issues going unresolved, and stressed about investing in tech but not getting value from it.

We are a team of innovative information technology experts committed to removing your IT burden and communicating with you in a language you can understand. Our motto is: Let HUB take care of your information technology so you can focus on your business!

Instead of frustration and worry, with HUB Technology Solutions, you get an external IT team that acts like your internal IT team.

We care as much about your technology as you do. Maybe even more.

Our unique approach to working with clients is built on these foundations:

We are committed to your success!

As your partner, we ensure success when we share common goals and are equally committed to achieving these goals. You also get peace of mind: as we focus on your information technology, you can focus on your business. We reduce your risk by adequately managing your complex information technology infrastructure. And ultimately, our partnership makes a positive impact on your business.

We solve business challenges with SimplicITy!

When we partner with you, we'll look at your company's high-level needs and goals and then suggest IT purchases and investments that help you meet those goals.

We do projects with a purpose!

Sooner or later, your business will require an information technology project to implement some new technology. These projects can go very wrong...but we can help you implement the project with purpose so that you meet objectives, control costs, and reduce risk.

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