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  • No more sleepless nights wondering if...or when...your business will be hit.
  • Eliminate guesswork about where your IT is vulnerable.
  • Avoid the risk of working with an IT service provider who just wants to sell you technology.

At HUB Technology Solutions, our transparency is our biggest strength. We won't sell you technology you don't need. Our primary goal is a long-term partnership that helps you succeed.

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Your Personalized Cybersecurity Plan

In our company, we experience the same vulnerabilities and worries that you do. We know what a cyber attack can do to our business, so we know how important it is to walk you through a mitigation plan - and give you solutions that manage your most serious risks in a cost-effective way.

A collaborative approach

We'll work with you to assess all of your technologies (internal IT devices and infrastructure), determine risk, and then create an action plan that reduces that risk, starting with the most critical items that make your company vulnerable.

Let us help you reduce your cybersecurity risks by addressing your most significant risks with a comprehensive plan that we monitor and manage around the clock. No more worrying about if and when your company could be attacked - and the fear of dealing with the repercussions for your clients' and your company's financial health.

  • Network security

  • Web filtering

  • Password management

  • Vulnerability management

  • Antivirus protection

  • Next generation firewalls

  • Mobile device management

  • Email security

  • OS & application patching

  • Data loss prevention

  • Data encryption

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We couldn't have done this without the support and expertise of HUB.

After years of struggling with outdated computer hardware, our organization upgraded all of our computer technology. We couldn't have done this without the support and expertise of HUB. They were supportive and helpful. As a small organization without its own IT department, we can always count on HUB to answer our questions is a timely manner, and in a way that makes sense to those of us with little experience trouble shooting technology related issues. Manitoba Brain Injury Association highly recommends HUB Technology Solutions!

Alexandra Beasse, Manitoba Brain Injury

Ready to ditch the stress and work with a partner you can count on?

Working with HUB Technology Solutions.

Ready to eliminate the risk of cyber attacks and keep your company's IT infrastructure secure? Contact us to schedule a call to talk about your needs and risks.

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You ask, we answer

My business is too small; why would I need to worry about hackers attacking me?

Hackers love you because you are a small business. Big companies have big cybersecurity budgets to protect their business from hackers. That makes them hard to hack. Hackers are "lazy" and want easy money, and small businesses are easy targets.

Why is having cybersecurity protection important for my business?

Cybersecurity protection is crucial for securing your sensitive data, like payroll, your bank account, and your reputation, from hackers trying to steal your information and sell it or hold it for ransom or both.

What services are available to enhance business cybersecurity?

IT service providers offer a range of services designed to enhance online security for businesses. These include setting up strong protections, checking for dangers, teaching your employees how to be safe, watching over your business all the time for any threats, and quickly dealing with any problems.

What can I do to protect my sensitive business information?

Think of it like protecting your house from thieves; you need layers for protection. You need a strong door with a deadbolt lock and all your windows locked to stop them from getting to your house. If they do get in, you need to know even if you aren't home and have a monitored alarm system. Then, you want the police to arrive fast to check the criminals in the act. There is technology to do the same thing for your sensitive business information. You need a trusted IT service provider to help you set it up right and continuously monitor your data.

What should I do if I think my business has been hacked?

Hackers must likely got on to your computer(s) over the internet, so turn off your internet connection to keep them out. Then, turn off the computers you think are hacked to stop them from doing more damage. Then, you need to call a cybersecurity professional because they have the expertise to continue the work that needs to be done.

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