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Let's face it: if you're not an IT expert, handling your company's IT is a headache. IT is complicated and stressful. One mistake and it could all come crashing down. If your IT team is small, or you simply don't have one, you need to outsource the day-to-day of your IT to an expert that you know has your back.

Instead of focusing your time and resources on IT, HUB's Optimum Managed Services offers the best of both worlds: Your own outsourced IT experts that become part of your team and we handle it all - from the simple and complex.

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Explore The Benefits Of Fixed Fee IT Services

We offer comprehensive management and planning to ensure your company is protected from data loss, extended downtime, poor network performance, cyber-attacks, and compliance issues and can recover from a disaster.

Building long-term partnerships

With HUB's partnership, you get access to a host of perks through our Optimum Managed Services, such as:

Custom support plans.
24/7/365 IT support.
Strategic IT planning.
Legendary service from a team that speaks YOUR language.
30+ years of experience working for you.
Giving up the "job" of worrying about your IT.
A proactive approach to preventing problems.

  • Managed infrastructure

  • Managed security

  • Managed Wi-Fi

  • Managed backup and disaster recovery

  • HUB help desk

  • Dedicated technical management team

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The team at HUB was very professional

We transitioned our IT services over to HUB Technology Solutions earlier this year and are very happy with the result. The team at HUB was very professional and always promptly responded to any inquiries we had. They were also instrumental in helping our staff set up work from home arrangements due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Tyler Mckay, Louis Riel Capital Corporation (LRCC)

Ready to ditch the stress and work with a partner you can count on?

Working with HUB Technology Solutions.

Turn over the headache of your daily IT management to an expert who will partner with you. Contact us to talk about your company's unique needs and our managed services options.

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You ask, we answer

Why is a Managed Services Agreement (MSA) better than just calling an IT service company whenever you need help?

It depends on whether you are looking for a true partnership or a transactional relationship. If you want the latter, then call an IT service provider when something isn't working, and they will charge you the billable hourly rate to fix it. In this scenario, the IT provider makes more profit if you continue to have issues, and you are less profitable because you always have computer issues. This is a relationship that is only advantageous for the IT service provider. An MSA is a true partnership. Why? Because the client pays a fixed monthly fee for IT services, it is in the IT service provider's best interest to reduce the client's problems and subsequent downtime. At the same time, clients are provided with strategic advice on utilizing technology to boost their business. This results in both the client and IT service provider being profitable and winning!

What services are commonly covered under a Managed Service Agreement (MSA) with IT service providers?

A standard MSA usually encompasses Proactive Technology Management, which includes managing updates and receiving reporting from hardware, unlimited remote and onsite support within specific locations, 24/7/365 critical after-hours support, strategic planning, cybersecurity solutions, managed cloud backup of servers and cloud environments, and third-party vendor management.

What level of support is typically provided under a Managed Service Agreement (MSA)?

Managed Service Agreements usually include 24/7 monitoring and support, ensuring rapid response to any IT issues or emergencies at no additional cost. Expert teams are available around the clock to address your needs and minimize downtime, maximizing the reliability and availability of your IT systems.

How do Managed Service Agreements (MSAs) streamline IT management for businesses?

MSAs typically centralize IT management, allowing you to offload the day-to-day tasks of maintaining and troubleshooting your IT infrastructure. This frees up your time and internal resources to focus on strategic initiatives and core business activities, increasing efficiency and productivity.

How much should I expect to pay for managed IT services?

The cost of managed IT services can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the size of your business, the scope of services required, the complexity of your IT infrastructure, and the level of support you need.

Depending on their business's precise needs, small to medium-sized businesses can anticipate spending just over $110 per user per month.

Can Managed Service Agreements (MSAs) be tailored to meet specific business requirements?

Yes, IT service providers recognize that each business has unique needs. MSAs can be customized to accommodate specific requirements, industry regulations, and growth objectives. Your IT provider should work closely with you to tailor their services, ensuring they meet specific needs and deliver maximum value.

What is the typical cost structure of a Managed Service Agreement (MSA)?

Managed Service Agreements offer a predictable, fixed-monthly investment model. This allows you to budget effectively and avoid unexpected IT costs, providing greater financial stability for your business.

How do you ensure your information technology is supporting your business goals?

Strategic planning and roadmap meetings are typically facilitated as part of Managed Service Agreements (MSAs). These sessions enable evaluation of IT performance, addressing concerns, collaborative budget planning, and future IT initiative planning to ensure alignment with your business objectives.

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